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Get Inspired

Lake County's Prescription for Health

Shelby Thren, Health Educator

The prescription for health program has inspired Tammy N. to not only eat healthier, but to also incorporate more physical activity into her daily routine. Her new goal has been to exercise 150min/week along with eating more fruits and vegetables. Since she first enrolled into our program, Tammy has purchased a bike to ride to and from work, and while at work she walks around the block twice a day. She has made an impact not only on her own life but also the lives of her family, friends, and co-workers who now join her.


Since enrolled in Lake County’s prescription for health program, Donald C. has lost 3lbs! How? Simply by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables every day. In our program, we focus on making half our plate fruits and vegetables and also how to properly store our produce. Don shares that receiving healthy recipes has helped with his weight loss. Don continues to reach for his goal of eating 2 cups of fruits and vegetables every day and is enjoying watching the pounds come off!

LiveWell 100 Mile Challenge Winners

Amanda Woods, Health Education Supervisor

Congratulations to Cadillac Wexford Transit Authority for being our Worksite Wellness 100 Mile Challenge Winners! 14 employees participated in the challenge and averaged about 258 miles per person. Way to go CWTA!

LiveWell Goes to Half-Dome

Katie Jourdan, Health Educator

Usually, my day-to-day LiveWell includes walking, yoga, hiking at the Ludington State Park, and running (ok…slow  jogging). However, last week I had the opportunity to LiveWell to the extreme. Two of my friends and I decided we were going to hike Half-Dome in Yosemite National Park. What were we thinking??


To set the stage, the hike is about 17 miles round trip, with 4,800 feet elevation gain and typically takes 12-14 hours to complete. Did I mention that the last 400 feet of the hike are up a steep cliff with nothing but steel cables as handrails to pull yourself up? Did I mention I’m terrified of heights?

So we woke up at 3:00am and started our hike around 4:15am after a 45 minute drive to the park. It was all fine and dandy (even hiking with headlamps for the first 2 hours) until I made it to sub-dome; the very large mountain that you have to climb before getting to the cables. About halfway up the sub-dome on “stairs” carved out of the mountain, I had a full blown panic attack. Hyperventilating, crying, frozen in terror.


But, I wasn’t going to come all that way and not get to the summit. So, I made my friend walk behind me (so she could catch me if I fell, of course) and made it to the base of the cables. Commence panic attack number 2. Still, I wasn’t going to stop there. So, I made my friend go behind me again (still to catch me if I fell… haha, yeah right) and started up the cables. Ater many stops, mini-hyperventilating episodes, and wanting to punch anyone that said “good job, you’re almost there” I made it to the top!


The view was amazing and even more, I was so proud that I had overcome my fears and actually made it to the top! I felt like I could do anything after that… I was even able to enjoy the view going down the cables and sub-dome (without a panic attack!). We ended our hike at 4:30pm, 12 hours later, with a large pizza and soaking in our hotel hot tub. We concluded that we will never hike Half-Dome again. (But you definitely should!!)


Picture: Me happy to LiveWell looking at Half-Dome in the distance -- My friends and I at the summit -- The cables… those are people on that rock.

Michigan Trails Week's Winners

Nicole Smith, Health Educator

Congratulations to our Michigan Trails Week's competitors! Amanda, Joe, and Taryn were thrilled to participate in our week long challenge, where we asked families to log minutes on any Michigan Trail (water or land). They logged just under 900 minutes, and had a BLAST! Their prize package included a $100 gift card to Lakeshore Wellness, 2 t-shirts, 3 pencils, 2 water bottles, a pedometer, a pen, a stress ball, a cutting board, temporary tattoos, and a veggie brush!

Sandra T. "Inspiration in Motion"

Holly Joseph, Health Educator

Every time a person turns in their 100 mile challenge foot tracker it is exciting for me! I love to celebrate and recognize their efforts for living a healthy lifestyle. So when Sandra called I was prepared to celebrate her. Little did I know how grateful I would be for her personal story of strength and commitment to staying active!


In anticipation of her arrival I got out the t-shirt size she asked for, a water bottle, a media release and my camera phone. Looking out into the parking lot I noticed a regal woman gliding gracefully through the health department parking lot with a cane that seemed to fit her as an accessory but not as something she needed. This was indeed Sandra T. I gave her the t-shirt and water bottle and asked if she minded talking about being physically active and having her picture taken. After answering some questions about how the information was going to be used she agreed.


I asked her about being active and what kept her moving. Sandra shared the following beautiful life story. 


As a kid Sandra said she loved her bike and rode it almost every day; but it was when she became a mom in 1977 that she realized she needed time for herself. This is when she started making time for herself every morning and chose to ride her bike or walk. She has continued ever since. Sandra is a breast cancer survivor since 2000 and was diagnosed with CFS- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with sometimes debilitating joint pain. Some may be deterred by all of these changes in their health, but not Sandra. She had the following to say, “It is the new normal with a blow to the past normal. I have choices what I pick isn’t always healthy, but I got used to the new and now I find it nurturing”. 


Even though Sandra just got rid of her bike she continues to walk every day except for days there is thunder and lightning or if it is very windy. This included walking everyday this winter except for 2 days. I suggested possibly checking out the walking track at the school during bad winter days so she does not slip on the ice. Sandra smiled and replied that she preferred to walk outside taking in all the sounds, fresh air and beauty. So she would layer up, put grippers on her boots make sure to have her cell and head out. With this I truly felt embarrassed and inspired. I opted for the treadmill this winter while this lovely woman made the effort to get out and take on the wonders of winter with no excuses.  


I am grateful for the time Sandra took to share her story. I am also inspired by her quiet noble strength to be forever physically active no matter what life sends her way.

First 2014 Walking Challenge Finisher!

Sally Mellema, Health Educator

Linnea is a 6 year old from Newaygo County. Linnea is also 2014's FIRST walking challenge finisher! Congratulations, Linnea! Keep up the GREAT work! You are a true inspiration. Linnea finished the walking challenge in less than two months. Her brother, Ben, also completed the walking challenge. 

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