#HealthyMondayRefresh 7.20.2020

Self-reflection helps keeps us grounded and in control. When we have a better understanding of our emotions and their origins, we are more equipped to handle and process them effectively. 

This week we’re focusing on self-awareness, reflection, and renewal. Learn how verbalizing and writing down unpleasant feelings reduces their impact; become more aware of your range of physical ability with a quick strength self-assessment; and increase your knowledge of plant-based eating with our list of the most popular plant-based eating myths. Use Monday as the day to take stock of your physical and mental wellbeing and work towards positive change.

1. Manage negative emotions by verbalizing them

2. Asses your fitness level to set your goals

3. Dispelling fake news about plant-based eating

4. A sandwich as fun to make as it is to eat

** All #HealthyMondayRefresh blogs are created by The Monday Campaigns, visit for more information**

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