#HealthyMondayRefresh 5.31.2021

The mind-body connection is an important one, serving to bring balance to both our physical health and mental wellbeing. It’s a two-way street, when we feel good, we are more likely to take care of ourselves; and when we take care of ourselves, we tend to feel better. Therefore, by focusing on either your mind or body, you can positively influence the other.

This week were focusing on strengthening the mind-body connection through the alignment of emotion, spirit, and movement. Start your morning with a sun salutation to begin the day energized and focused; learn how you can use physical activities, like yoga, jogging, and tai chi to relieve stress; and eat clean this Memorial Day with our roundup of animal-free burger recipes. This Monday, harmonize the internal and the external.

1. Greet the week with a sun salutation

2. Use movement to boost your mood

3. Grill up a meatless Memorial Day burger

** All #HealthyMondayRefresh blogs are created by The Monday Campaigns, visit for more information**

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