#HealthyMondayRefresh 3.22.2021

As the silent chill of winter finally gives way to the mild melodies of spring, it’s time to get reacquainted with nature. And thanks to daylight savings, we now have an extra hour of sunshine for outdoor activities. The crisp fresh air, the smell of the foliage, the warmth of the sun, all these elements can heal and rejuvenate.

This week, we’re focusing on using the power of nature to heal and rejuvenate. Find time to explore a park or trail (or even your own backyard), and get lost in the tranquil beauty around you; dust off your green thumb, and start prepping your own miniature garden—it can help you live longer and happier! And don’t forget to take advantage of nature’s bounty by picking up some seasonal produce and cooking a spring-themed plant-based meal. This Monday, thaw out and warm up with some fresh air.

1. Stop and smell the roses

2. Make gains by gardening

3. Freshen up your plate with spring recipes

** All #HealthyMondayRefresh blogs are created by The Monday Campaigns, visit for more information**

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