#HealthyMondayRefresh 2.15.2021

During the dog days of winter, it’s easy to lose track of those health goals we set all the way back in January. Being in the midst of the pandemic certainly hasn’t helped, either. According to a Researchscape International survey conducted for The Monday Campaigns, 38% of respondents said that the lack of structure caused by the pandemic has made it difficult to meet health goals.

But there’s a silver lining. Survey respondents who said that they used Monday as a fresh start rated their health the highest. So become a Monday person, and share the Health Monday newsletter with friends, family, and loved ones who you think can benefit from a weekly reminder to stay committed to healthy behaviors.

This week’s articles are all about checking in and refreshing commitments. Erase stressful thoughts and replace them with positive intensions using deep breathing and visualization techniques; start an activity journal where you can write down ways to fit in more physical activity throughout the day; and learn how to recreate the delectable taste and texture of bacon using only plant-based ingredients—crispy rice-paper bacon for breakfast anyone? This Monday, keep pushing forward with those New Year’s intentions, and don’t be afraid to use the new week to refresh your health goals.

1. Make Monday a Fresh Start

2. Refresh Your Week

3. Plan Out Your New Healthy Routine

4. Refresh Your Diet

5. Promote Heart Health With Healthy Monday

** All #HealthyMondayRefresh blogs are created by The Monday Campaigns, visit for more information**

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