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#HealthyMondayRefresh on a Tuesday? 5.26.2020

Updated: Jun 15

Life is full of challenges. But whether it’s climbing a mountain, caring for a sick loved one, or making a dinner for a family of five using only kidney beans, quinoa, and a can of corn; conquering these challenges — no matter how big or small they appear — makes us stronger.

This week, we’re focusing on techniques and tips to help overcome challenges. Discover how deep breathing and meditation can be used to control anger, frustration, and stress; get active and exercising with a customizable F.I.T.T. workout routine; and learn how to cook those tricky pantry staples that have been hiding in your cupboard for months (we’re looking at you canned corn). Take this week to embrace the challenge!

1. Stay cool when your emotions run hot

2. A perfect F.I.T.T. for your fitness goals

3. These pantry staples dress up nice

4. Enjoy a protein and vitamin-packed kids cook Tuesday meal

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