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#HealthyMondayRefresh 6.01.2020

Updated: Jun 15

We tend to associate celebrations with birthdays, weddings, holidays, and baby showers, but a celebration is really just an expression of gratitude, a means to acknowledge the pieces of our lives that we consider most important. 

This week focuses on all the ways we can celebrate.

Try seeking out sources of laughter, and learn how a good chuckle can transform your mood; dance your way to happiness with some fun steps and dancing GIFs; and celebrate the bounty of springtime with a collection of seasonal plant-based recipes.

Let this Monday be a celebration of spirit.  

1. Ride the Boogie to Happiness

2. Improve Monday by Inciting the Silly Within

3. Enjoy Your Favorite (or new favorite) Spring Dishes

4. Enjoy cooking and eating this Creole Pasta Primavera dish!

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